Watching Matches

So far in this years World Cup there’s been some amazing goalkeeping displays and some that are less than desirable. It has shown that even top level goalkeepers make mistakes. As shown in the Spain/Netherlands match a bad touch on a pass back can make all the difference between playing out of the back and having the ball end up in the back of your net. On the other end some of the performances have been aw inspiring as I sit and catch myself saying “Great Save”.

It’s during these types of tournaments that I encourage young goalkeepers to not only watch the games but to watch the goalkeepers. Sometimes you need to wait for the replays to really see what’s going on.

Watch their positioning, watch how they move and react, watch what they do in each situation. So many of the TV camera’s are focused on the shooter with the ball at his feet. Take the time to look beyond the ball and learn from the best. Watching is learning so pay attention.