Penalty Shoot Outs

As we head into the knock out stages of this years World Cup, penalty shoot outs are a strong possibility. Some love it and some hate it. Most feel it’s a terrible way to loose and others think it’s a¬†lottery for the winner.

From a goalkeeping point of view I love shoot outs. They are the ultimate Win/Win situation for a goalkeeper, all the pressure is on the shooters. As a keeper nobody expects you to save a penalty shot, but when you do your a hero! The adrenaline rush is like nothing else, it’s a goalkeepers chance to shine.

When working with young goalkeepers try to instill in them that shootouts are fun. It will relax them and let them live in the moment rather than stressing that they could loose the game for their team. Do your best to reduce the pressure on your goalkeeper and they will have more success.