Just4Keepers Keeper of the Week

Just4Keepers Peterborough & Central Ontario is honoured to award Jacob who is our 5 time J4K Keeper of the Week a FREE pair of J4K gloves for all his hard work during 2018. Any student who trains with us at J4K Peterborough who earns 5 KOW cards has the option to choose a prize which could be a pair of gloves or other J4K gear. Why not come and join us at Just4keepers Peterborough and see why over 40,000 goalkeepers and parents globally TRUST J4K! 

Who knows, you could be our next 5 time J4K KOW.


J4K Goalkeeper Gloves Canada

J4K-Proud To Be Different!


To find out more about our Academy and training venues call: 705-741-4236, email: j4kpeterborough@gmail.com, Facebook: @j4kpeterborough and on Twitter: @fabcar1