Improving Your Kicks

If the crowd is diving for cover every time you take your goal kicks, you’re doing it wrong!

As a J4K coach I get this asked at almost every training session. Hey coach I’m not good at goal kicks! Check out the video below for some great tips!

If you’re someone who has been using the wrong techniques for most of your career, old habits die hard. Getting your technique right isn’t going to be easy. You must break away from your bad technique before you can start working on your good technique. Find a goalkeeping coach that knows how to kick a good ball. Get the right advice first. Ask him to show you a correct kick. Practice on a daily basis, or at least twice a week so you build your muscle memory. That’s how the best sportsmen and sportswomen get to the top of their field. They do everything over and over until they don’t even have to think about it.  Once you know the correct way to kick and you’re practicing at least twice a week, try to go over goal kicks in your mind. Visualize yourself kicking the perfect goal kick. Do that for a month, and your kicks will go from the 60/40 to the 55/35, to the 50/50.

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