Help-for local-soccer-clubs-and-keepers

First I want to say, thank you for giving J4K the opportunity to help your club, goalkeepers and parents save money!

If you have not heard about Just4keepers before, let me give you a very brief history lesson on our goalkeeper coaching schools.

J4K started in 1999 and we are now the leading and largest goalkeeper schools worldwide. We are currently in 21 countries, across 5 continents and we coach over 5000 goalkeeper students every week.

Basically J4K has a ‘PASSION’ to help goalkeepers!

Please listen to the short video just below but in brief, J4K now wants to help local soccer clubs and their club goalkeepers (and their parents) save money, sorry save A LOT of money, on their goalkeeping gloves.

In short, you will NOT get a better deal anywhere else like this globally and not only will these glove be up to 80% off retail prices, they are top quality specification professional gloves. Your goalkeepers will LOVE them!

We are asked why we do this and even though our glove are one of the leaders globally, here at J4K we do not see ourselves as a glove brand, we see ourselves as goalkeeper coaches… so as gk coaches we just want to provide a service for goalkeepers as were not concerned about making big profits on our gloves.

So if you are interested in helping your club or goalkeepers save a lot of money, please watch the short video below then email for instructions on how to claim these hugely discounted goalkeeper gloves.

Also when you see what J4K is doing is so unique in helping soccer clubs and keepers… Can you PLEASE forward this website detail to other people you think might be interested because the more people that do this, the longer J4K can provide this quality unique offer!