Goalkeeper Training in Hamilton with J4K helps Alyssa Abernot land NCAA D1 Scholarship with Bowling Green State University

Just4Keepers Hamilton long time student Alyssa Abernot is enjoying her new home as a proud member of the NCAA D1 Bowling Green State University Women’s Soccer Team.

Alyssa has been a Special student for me as she has been training with me from the start of her young Goalkeeping career, where she trained with focus and determination to achieve the accomplishment of winning a Canadian National Championship, which she did! A great achievement from lots of hard work which prepared her for our next mission…get a D1 Scholarship to play soccer in the United States… which she did!!!


I am personally very proud of Alyssa and was fortunate enough to be an influence on her career from an early age. We grew together as only few Coaches and students do, mainly due to the dedication and commitment to Alyssa and her development from her parents Kevin and Amanda Abernot. She will continue to be an inspiration for all of the young girls who do their Goalkeeper Training in Hamilton with Just4Keepers Hamilton.

Alyssa’s last session before University….

Stay tuned for more details on the Falcons season as they are off to a great start to the season….must have been the Pre-Season in Hawaii!!!

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